was launched by
Smt. Sumitra Mahajan,
Hon’ble Speaker of Lok Sabha in INDORE, in the presence of
Co-Founders,Prahlad Kakar, Vinod Kumar
& Sushma Morthania with a mandate to:

encourage all women to join the national mainstream & gain financial independence by self employment.

enroll all women who have a dream of setting up their own enterprise or self employment.

enable an ecosystem for all women to earn a livelihood.

educate all interested women by providing skill training & entrepreneurial best practices

empowerall women interested in getting skilled & taking up self employment & share with them all knowledge & tools for starting a business & leading to success.

exemplifycase studies of successful women entrepreneurs to inspire and motivate.

emancipateall self employed women & entrepreneurs from the clutches of agents & intermediaries, overcoming social obstacles, offer financial support &
market linkages.