Mirch Masala Networking Club

The Mirch Masala Club derives its inspiration from a film with the same title, one of the top most, power packed, women centric films in India.

An epic in its own right, it was all about women power and the mental fortitude and courage of a woman to stand up against all odds. The most memorable performance of Smita Patil continues to inspire and motivate women of all walks even today!

Most of our Women Members in some way or the other they have come a long way in their respective entrepreneurial journeys and have had same share of struggles like that of Smita Patil of Mirch Masala to pursue their Entrepreneurial dreams.

The Club meets every fortnight over steamy snacks, hot tea, and lots of oomph, encouraging women entrepreneurs to network and learn the art of socializing and peddling their wares. The Meet visibly moves, inspires and empowers women, attending it.

As a Member only meet, it offers an informal platform for business networking opportunities over tea and lots of meaningful conversations, sharing ideas, best practices, imbibing courage from each other and the opportunity for both existing successful as well as aspiring local women entrepreneurs to interact and enlarge their knowledge base as well as their business & social circle.