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Selling products or services
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What is your sales channel?
Over the phone
Please specify your urls/weblinks for the following
Which of the following do you use for online payment?
Credit Card
Debit Card
Mobile Money
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Step 3
Please rate your access to the following
Please rate your access to the following

For the following questions, please provide us an insight into your backgrounds, challenges and requirements related to supply chain.
Kindly use the following ranking scale to indicate your competency:

  • None - You are not aware of information, ideas and/or situations related to this topic.
  • Basic - You have limited understanding or knowledge related to this topic. You have just started to find opportunities to work on it.
  • Proficient - You have detailed knowledge and understanding of the topic. You look for opportunities to apply this knowledge in your company and with other stakeholders.
  • Advanced - You have highly developed knowledge and understanding of the topic. You are able to coach or teach others.
  • Expert - You reached Specialist / Authority level of knowledge and understanding of the topic. Stakeholders recognize you as an expert in the subject. You have a strategic focus – Long-term perspective.
Step 4
How is your business impacted by Covid-19?
Did you adopt any of the following strategies to cope with the Covid-19 crisis? (you can select multiple options)
Temporarily reduced employment for all or some employees
Laid off employees
Loaned our employees to other businesses in active, high-demand activities Teleworking (Working from home)
Sold off assets, drew down personal savings, or borrowed from family to pay the daily bills of the business
Communicated to customers
Focused marketing efforts into non-affected sales channels, eg online sales Customized or proposed new products according to new market trends/needs Started sourcing from new suppliers
Temporarily shut down the business
Filed for bankruptcy